Average Costs for Weddings Today – Part 1

Planning a wedding should begin by setting a budget. But how do you set a budget when you have no idea what things might cost? A good framework can be set by looking at the the average costs. In 2017, the average cost of weddings in the Harrisburg area was around $33,000. Where does all that money go? Using several national sites, we have calculated the average costs of weddings in South Central PA.

Attire & Accessories:

Obviously, you must have something to wear. So what is going to cost you and your partner? If you wear a dress, expect it to cost about $1500. If you are going to wear a suit or tuxedo, it will cost you about $350.

  • Wedding Dress: $1,200 to $1350
  • Tuxedo/Suit Rental or Purchase: $200 to $230
  • Dress Accessories (veil, shoes, etc.): $225 to $250
  • Tuxedo/Suit Accessories (shoes, tie, etc.): $105 to $115

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Beauty and Hair

And once you find the right dress, you will want to make sure the rest of you looks good in it. So ladies (and progressive men), to get your hair, nails and make-up done will cost about $160 to $185.

  • Hair Service: $65 to 75
  • Makeup Service: $55 to $60
  • Manicure & Pedicure: $40 to $50

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Typically, it all starts with the engagement ring. According to The Knot, the average couple spends $5700 on the engagement ring. Locally, however, that cost is a little less: around $3400 to $4200. Beyond that, you will need wedding rings along with some other jewelry. Expect to spend between $1250 to $1600 on wedding bands. To accessorize it, you could spend another $575 to $625.

  • His Wedding Ring/Band: $450 to $575
  • Her Wedding Ring/Band: $780 to $1000
  • Necklace: $200 to $250
  • Earrings: $150 to $175
  • Bracelet: $175 to $200

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What good is having a wedding if no one comes? You will need invitations. However, invitations can also mean additional items like Save the Date cards, Ceremony Programs, Engagement Announcements, Reception Menus, Table Name/Place Cards and Thank you Cards. All of this could cost around $1050 to $1200.

  • Invitations & Reply Cards: $225 to $265
  • Postage: $100 to $110
  • Ceremony Programs: $125 to $150
  • Engagement Announcements: $110 to $130
  • Guest Book: $60 to $70
  • Reception Menus: $125 to $146
  • Save the Date Cards: $110 to $130
  • Table Name and Escort/place Cards: $85 to $100
  • Thank You Cards: $90 to $105

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Planner or Consultant

Hiring the right wedding planner can be worth every penny in helping you make your wedding day dreams come true. Luckily, wedding planners offer different levels. You can choose the full service which takes you from start to finish. Or maybe you just one for your wedding day. You can also hire one to help get you started or to help you the month of your wedding. However, if none of these fit what you need, you can also get services “a La Carte.” Depending on what you need, wedding planning can cost between $750 to $3,000.

  • Full Service: $2,500 to $2,800
  • For Getting Started: $825 to $875
  • Month of Direction: $1,000 to $1050
  • Day of Coordinator: $750 to $800
  • A La Carte Services: $850 to $950

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Our Price Guide continue in Part 2.

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