Average Costs for Weddings Today – Part 2

We continue looking at the average cost of weddings in South Central Pennsylvania today. For more information on costs, check out Part 1.

Venues, Rentals & Transportation

Depending on your plans, you will need a venue for the ceremony and the reception. Even if you plan on holding both at the same place, most venues have separate fees. And unless you have a friend who got certified online, you will need someone to perform the ceremony. There are also accessories and rentals such as tables and chairs. Finally, you will most likely need a hotel room for after the reception. Finally, you may want to hire special transportation to get you to these locations. All of this will cost you about $6,200 to $8,500.

  • Ceremony Officiator: $215 to $270
  • Event Location(s): $3,600 to $5,000
  • Event Accessories and Rentals: $2050 to $2850
  • Hotel Room for After Reception” $315 to $385
  • Limo or Other Transportation: $500 to $650

If you are ready to go venue shopping, check out the directory for some of the best locations as well as limos and other transportation.

Flowers & Decorations

Unfortunately, most venues don’t come pre-decorated. You will need to purchase these yourself. You will also need bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages. Keep in mind, that floral costs change depending on the time of year and what you are asking. Overall, this will set you back about $2,000 to $2,500.

  • Bride’s Bouquets: $150 to $200
  • Bridesmaid’s Bouquet: $75 (each)
  • Boutonnieres, Corsages: $350 to $375
  • Event Decorations: $450 to $500
  • Event Flowers & Arrangements: $600 to $700
  • Event Table Centerpieces: $325 to $375

Ready to shop for flowers and other decorations? Check out the directory.

Food & Catering

After your wedding, your guests are going to want something to eat. How much you spend will obviously depend on how many guests you invite. But according to The Knot, the average cots per person is $70.

  • Rehearsal Dinner: $570 to $1250
  • Event Food Service: $5,000 to $6,500
  • Event Bar Service: $2,500 to $3,500
  • Wedding Cake/Dessert: $450 to $550

Our directory offers quite a few caterers for you to check out when you are ready to start looking.


Unless you plan on having your cousin Dwayne play the piano while your Aunt Bertie sings, you will need to hire some entertainment. The cost of all this will vary depending on what you want. You may also want special lighting to brighten up your reception. Total cost will be between $1300 to $3300.

  • Ceremony Musicians, Soloist or Ensemble: $600 to $775
  • Reception DJ/MC: $730 to $1200
  • Live Band (Reception): $1700 to $2100
  • Entertainment Lighting: $330 to $400

Look to our directory to find the best entertainment for your wedding.

Photography & Video

What good is having an event without photos and/or videos to remind you of the special day? This will set you back anywhere between

  • Engagement Session: $400 to $450
  • Wedding Photographer: $1,600 to $2600
  • Wedding Videographer: $1,000 to $2000
  • Digital or Photo cd/dvd: $300
  • Photo Booth: $375 to $425
  • Prints and/or Enlargements: $240 to $275
  • Wedding album(s) or photo book(s):$425 to $500

Ready to looking? Check out our directory for some of the best photographers.

Gifts & Favors

And finally, you need to provide favors for your guests, tips for service staff as well as gifts for your attendants and your parents. Expect this to set you back at least $2,000.

  • Wedding Favors: $250 to $300
  • Tips (for all services): $400 to $475
  • Gift/s for Attendants: $100 to $115
  • Gift/s for Parents: $125 to $135

When you are ready to start shopping for favors and gifts, check our our directory.



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