Must-Haves for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

On your wedding day, you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. And nothing helps prepare like having a Wedding Day Emergency Kit handy to deal with whatever life has planned for you on your special day. Stocking your kit carefully helps smooth over some of the minor hassles that can occur during a wedding. Note: While this article is written for a bride, most of these items would be good to put in a Groom’s Emergency Kit. (Bridal tote bag can be found on

1. Sewing Kit
A tiny sewing kit like this one has scissors, thread, needles, and safety pins that can come in handy. You should also throw in some hem tape. This is special tape that can helps stick fabric to fabric. A good alternative is fashion tape, which is double sided

2. Super Glue
Super glue can fix a variety of problems such as a broken shoe or jewelry.

3. Clear Nail Polish
Smudge your manicure? Clear nail polish can help cover it up. It’s also good for stopping runs in nylons or tights.

4. Extra nylons
Speaking of runny nylons, having an extra pair is a good idea just in case.

5. Bottle of Water and Snacks
With all the excitement of the wedding, you’re likely to be “too nervous to eat.” But not eating can make you feel faint or nauseated. Having some crackers, a protein or granola bar or something similar can help you combat this problem. And you should stay hydrated throughout the day by having plenty of water available.

6. A Straw
A straw will help you keep hydrated without smudging your lipstick. And since disposable straws are not environmental friendly, why not try a reusable stainless steel one?

7. Stain Remover pen or wipes
Nothing like Tide to Go to remove any rogue stains on a dress, shirt or pants.

8. Bobby Pins and Hairspray
It is inevitable that someone is going to have a slight hair emergency with photos often being indoors and hairstyles often elaborate up-dos. A few bobby pins and hair spray will help keep those loose hairs in place.

9. Lipstick and makeup essentials
You’ll never be more photographed than on your wedding day. It’s important to keep looking fresh by touching up your makeup. Lipstick, foundation, mascara, cover-up and anything else you worry might fade should be handy.

10. Mirror
You might not find a restroom nearby when you want to touch up your makeup.

11. Blotting Paper
Blotting papers absorb oil without smudging your makeup. They are a great way to keep away the shine on your wedding day. We like these cherry blossom papers with handy mirror.

12. Tissues
Even if you manage to remain dry eyed through the ceremony and reception, other family members may need them.

13. OTC Pain Medications/Stomach Medicine
You never know who might have a headache or other body ache. And you might as well throw in some Pepto-Bismol and antacids in case someone’s nerves plays havoc on their stomach.

14. Band-aids
Hopefully, your shoes won’t cause blisters. But just in case, you should have a few band-aids available. They also good for other cuts and scrapes.

15. Dental Floss
You don’t want to spend your wedding day with spinach (or something similar) in your teeth.

16. Mints
You will be spending most of the day in close contact with friends and family. Your breath needs to be fresh.

17. Nail clippers and nail file
Two essentials to dealing with any nail emergency.

18. Tweezers
You never know when you might need to get rid of a stray hair.

19. Tampons/Panty Liners
Hopefully you won’t need them. But even if you don’t, you never know who else have a sudden visit from Aunt Flo.

20. Deodorant
Sure, the deodorant says it lasts all day. But you are going to put that claim to the extreme. Better to ensure you smell fresh and have it on hand.


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