Offering Assistance

Now that you’ve agreed to be a part of the wedding party, you need to understand that your responsibilities extend far beyond standing at the altar and smiling for photos. From the bachelorette and bachelor parties to the big day, here’s a guide with reminders for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Consider the Commitment. Saying yes to being a member of someone’s wedding party is a physical, mental and emotional offer. It’s a choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Bachelorette Party. If the bride is shy, consider hosting a small ladies night in her honor in lieu of a weekend in Vegas.

Emergency Kit. Don’t forget logistical and tangible items such as phone chargers, eye drops, aspirins and box of tissues.

Maid of Honor. If you’re asked to be the maid or matron of honor, chances are you know the bride better than most. Be prepared to have the bride’s family and folks and/or any wedding vendors see you as an all-knowing, go-to girl.

Dollars and Sense. While the bride and her family might take care of your hair, makeup or accessories, it’s not expected. Prepare to spend money of your own, and consider this fact before you make the commitment.


Meet the Players. Get to know the other groomsmen so you feel more comfortable when the wedding day finally arrives.

Be a Good Sport. Cameras in your face, getting dressed in a tux and shuffling from one location to the next happens very quickly, which is stressful. Remember to keep your cool.

On the Floor. To help keep the reception rolling, encourage those around you to get on the dance floor.

Best practices for the Best Man. A bachelor party, speech/toast and good attitude are non-negotiable requirements for the best man.


Author: Meagan Schmitt