A Wedding Website That Works

You’ve set the date. Now it’s time to create your wedding website so that your guests will be informed with details about your big day. Here are some tips to help you create a site that will help your guests know what to expect.

Stick With Your Theme

When designing your wedding website stick with your wedding theme and colors.  If it’s country chic or super sophisticated your site should be in the same style.

Invite-Only Events Should Not Be Listed

If you are planning an exclusive event such as a rehearsal dinner or a bridesmaid’s only luncheon do not list these on your website. You don’t want to offend any of your guests by letting them know they’ve been excluded.

Use a Password to protect your information

Your site will have private information on it so make sure it’s protected.  A custom password will ensure that only your invited guests know the details. You don’t want any wedding crashers.

Include Travel Information

Guests who are not familiar with the location of your event will be relying on the information you include on the website. So it’s a great idea to include detailed information about directions to the venue, suggested hotels with contact information and any other details necessary to get wedding guests to your venue on time and without hassle. Don’t forget to include any information about discounts you have secured especially for restaurants, shuttles or rental cars. 

Include the Timeline

If you’ve planned any events around your wedding that all guests are invited, make sure you post them on your website. Also, it’s important to add the time, location and dress code for each event.  And if you are providing transportation to and from your hotel to your wedding venue include that information, too. Let guests know where to meet the shuttle, when and how frequently the shuttles will leave, and when transportation back to their lodging will be available.

Give Suggestions for Local Activities

While you’ll be preparing for your special day, many of your guests might like to explore local sites to pass the time. Include recommendations and specific details so out-of-town guests will feel comfortable leaving the hotel and exploring on their own. 

Highlight Your Personal Story

Your wedding website is the perfect way to let your guests know who is in the wedding party, information about the bride and groom and how the happy couple feel in love and where they got engaged. However, keep this part of your wedding website short and sweet. Don’t include any negative moments about your past. Keep it positive. 

Include Registry Information

While it’s an etiquette faux pas to put your registry information on your wedding invitations, it is fine to include the information on your wedding website. Put direct links to your online registries so your guest can easily access the site. If you are asking for contributions to a honeymoon or other fund, add information about how you plan to use any funds contributed.

Hire a Professional Website Designer

If the thought of designing and creating a website makes you nervous, consider hiring a professional to do the work for you. Your wedding website is a reflection of you and your wedding, and if you don’t have the skills to create a great website than pick up the phone and talk to a professional website designer. You’ll be glad you did.


Author: Meagan Schmitt