Food Trends

Trends may come and go but current inspiration and fun ideas can be a good stepping stone in the right direction for those new to the wedding planning journey. Here are three food trends that won’t make a mess: 

Ancestral fare

A more casual menu trend has presented itself with wedding couples.  People are realizing that casual is cool. The latest trend in menu inspiration is ancestry and home cooking coming together as one through courses that highlight family traditions while celebrating familial differences and similarities. Family style is growing in popularity for an experience that encourages communication between guests sharing from the same entrees. Buffet style is also popular, giving guests course options and requiring fewer servers on hand. 

Food Trucks 

The food truck trend continues to rise in popularity as food trucks such as The Grand Cru out of Steelton, Pennsylvania have made their mark on the region. This means more menu options, unique cuisine, and delicious food for couples wanting a fun way to “break bread” with wedding guests.

Tavern-Style Seating

There’s also a rise in tavern-style seating due to the tables’ nature to bring guests closer together. It encourages conversation and camaraderie during mealtime. The large and spacious tables—whether rustic or chic—are perfect for family-style meals, creating increased interactions between guests. 

As the upcoming wedding season approaches consider these trends for a delicious menu that will have your guests raving about the food for years to come. Also, keep these trends in mind when scheduling venue walk-throughs and caterer interviews. 


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Author: Meagan Schmitt