Off the Leash

Your dog is considered a family member and probably the most spoiled one, too.  Whether or not to include your fur baby on your big day is decision that you need to think over carefully. Here are a few things to consider before you allow your pup to watch you say, “I do.”

Is your dog social?

Is your dog friendly? Is he comfortable around strangers and large crowds? You don’t want to worry about your pet’s well being along with everything else on your special day.

What to do with your pet?

Not sure where to place your dog in the wedding? The traditional idea is have the dog as the ring bearer. Use fake rings in case your dog swallows them or runs away. If you are nervous about the dog acting up, you can have a groomsman leash the dog and walk him down the aisle.

Dog friendly venue

You need to verify with the venue that your dog is welcome. Make sure your dog fits in with the setting. Outside weddings may be perfect for your pet, but even the cutest or best behaved dog may not be welcome in a sanctuary.

Canine couture

Male dogs always look adorable in a tuxedo outfit or just a bow tie. As for females, a cute tutu or flower halo around the collar are appropriate.

Practice makes perfect

Be sure to practice walking down the aisle many times with your dog and reward him with treats. That way your fur baby will be ready for the big day.


Author: Meagan Schmitt