Extra Sparkle for Your Big Day

By Jacqueline G. Goodwin, Ed.D.

Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets and other accessories can complement your wedding dress and give you that extra “sparkle” on your big day.  Here are some tips to guide you with your selections and websites to check out for more information.

Sash or Belt

Whether beaded, floral, rhinestone, or sequins—sashes or belts are great for highlighting the waistline and creating a tapered, defined look. You can also select from simple designs from vintage to designer styles. There are so many colors and materials to choose from, that no matter what you decide to go with, a sash or belt will only accentuate the dress of your dreams. www.bella-tiara.com


Your hands are an integral element on your wedding day so dress them up with gloves. From fingerless, half-finger, wrist or opera length, you’ll find more than just plain white gloves. Brown, black, and red are just a few of the latest trends. Gloves can also be adorned with elegant beads, flowers, pearls, sequins, and crystals. www.theweddingoutlet.com


If you thought a jacket is a must-have only for a fall or winter wedding you will be surprised to find out that jackets are used in any season. If you’re tying the knot in the spring or summer, consider a jacket made of lace or tulle. Some jackets are also small enough to look like shrugs, stoles, or boleros. But the best part of a jacket is that it ca bring out a bride’s waist and the gown as well. www.ericdress.com

Clutch Bag

You’ll want to keep a few things handy on the big day: lipstick, cell phones or a few tissues. It’s a huge comfort knowing that these things are close at hand just in case. Plus, with so many colors, styles, and sizes, it’s a fun addition to your wedding attire and totally practical to boot. www.chicastic.com


The sky’s the limit with jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets can complement your wedding dress and give you that extra “sparkle” on your wedding day. Consider your neckline and sleeve patterns with the type of jewelry you have in mind. Also consider hanging earrings if your dress has a closed neck front. To play it safe select pearls. A girl’s best friend, pearls look classy for a traditional wedding, and if you like more color, choose colored pearls to go with your color theme. The choice is yours. www.helzberg.com


Author: Editor